Love Potion number 9?

Love potions have been around for ages. Ever since the first person was told, “Let’s just be friends,” people have been searching for a magical elixir to sway the mood of the uninterested.Well, this ain’t it. What this is, however, is the only love potion you will ever need to get yourself in the mood. Love Energy Potion is a little bottle of magical magic. Read on, alchemist-to-be.

Love Energy Potion is chock full of goodies to get your body in high gear and ready for action. 90mg of caffeine per tiny, 1.69oz bottle (that’s more caffeine than a standard 8oz energy drink) plus a load of vitamins awaits you. Plus, since this is a love potion, you’ll get some aphrodisiacs: damiana to relax you, ashwaganda to relax and titillate you, and horny goat weed to . . . well, you can guess by its name. Drink it by the ounce, drink it by the dram – but imbibing Love Energy Potion will make certain you are ready for love.

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