Magical Mushroom Pairings With A Vegan Wine from Delheim

When not manning the stoves at the Garden Restaurant, the chef likes nothing better than to comb the hillsides of Delheim in search of wild mushrooms.

The estate is a prominent educator on edible fungi through its curated foraging excursions into the forest on the farm. In fact, mushroom mania returns to Delheim in Autumn and Winter this year with sumptuous mushroom-inspired recipes on the menu at the estate’s Garden Restaurant.

Like meats, mushrooms are easy to pair with wine. Red wines such as the newly released vegan-friendly Delheim Shiraz / Cabernet Sauvignon blend find favour with the foresty rich flavours and textures of these magical fungi.

Like any other ingredient, it depends on how you prepare and cook mushrooms, of course, and what other ingredients there are in the dish.

Here are some suggestions: