Meet The Chambong: The Love Child of a Champagne Flute and a Bong

What is the best thing about the Chambong? Well, it enables the “rapid and enhanced experience of sparkling wine,” and yes, therefore can help you “crush karaoke” or “fill the void” (basically the same thing). It’s even the result of a failed attempt to create a device for the prolific consumption of cannabis. But that’s not the best part of the Chambong.

The best part of the Chambong is the fairly lengthy, weirdly severe disclaimer. The company was created by three dudes who believed the four-ounce borosilicate glass contraption originally meant for weed could instead help cure the sickness of slow Champagne consumption. No surprise, since the device is sold specifically for the speedy intoxication, the disclaimer is long. Too long to quote in full here (and who wants to read those terrifying ALL CAPS sections anyway?). But a few important lines, lest you mistake the spirit and manner in which the Chambong should be enjoyed…(If you do, no worries, there’s likely a team of super-chill lawyers standing by.)