The Definitive Guide To Nyc’s Best Coffee Shops, 2018

Curious to learn the best coffee shops in NYC? Learn where to go, what to order, and where to drink it all in with our guide to the best coffee shops in New York City.


Tasca D’almerita Tascante ‘ghiaia Nera’ 2015 2015 Wine Review


The Legend, Myth, And Majesty Of The Pickleback

Dive bar standby or Eastern European hangover cure? Contributor Alex May explores the history and dubious health benefits of pairing a shot of whiskey with pickle juice. Get the story here.


The Tequila Sundial Recipe

The candied tang of pineapple juice enlivens this tequila cocktail from Natalie Migliarini, also featuring fresh lime and aromatic bitters. Get the recipe here ? it's always summer somewhere.


11 Things You Should Know About Bombay Sapphire Gin

From its eponymous literary journal at a Colorado university, to an actual gemstone, there's a lot to learn about Bombay Sapphire Gin. Get the facts with our list!


Columbia Winery Red Blend 2015 2015 Wine Review


These Are The 7 Most Popular Organic Wines In America

These are the most popular organic grape varieties in the country, according to the American Association of Wine Economists.


Free Beer (but Not Whales) At Seaworld Orlando

This summer, SeaWorld visitors can drown their sorrows with free Bud Light: SeaWorld is offering complimentary beer samples through September 2.


You Can Find Some Of The Best Sparkling Wines You?ve Never Tasted In Slovenia

Travel to the Isteni? winery in Bizeljsko, Slovenia to meet the family producing some of the world's best sparkling wines. Mary Holland explores the region and the label in this feature.


Boozy Ferris Wheel Or Mountaintop Wine Bar: Eight Of The World’s Most Extreme Drinking Destinations

From a mountaintop wine bar in Switzerland, to a cocktail den overlooking the rooftops in NYC, these are the world's 8 most extreme drinking destinations. Love to travel ? and have a thirst for advent

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