Michelin Guide Becomes Sole Owner Of The Robert Parker Wine Advocate

Back in the 1970s, 80s and even 90s, many lovers of gastronomy as well as those looking to visit tourist sites and boutique hotels around Europe, would use books that they held sacred, the Michelin Guides. In 1889 the Andre and Edouard Michelin brothers had a vision of bringing a more robust automobile industry to France that their tire company Michelin would be a key player in establishing. To encourage French people to take more road trips, the brothers designed guides of places to see, restaurants to dine and lodges to stay. But remarkably through time the guides, which adapted a star rating system of restaurants and hotels involving a multitude of anonymous reviewers around the world, have become a pinnacle for a chef’s career while becoming a food bible for those dreaming of the ultimate gastronomic experiences around the world.

Before the days of the internet, American foodies would mark pages in the guide books by circling those places that would inspire their dreams during their downtime from the daily grind of the rat race. But as times have changed, such as the importance of having an online site as well as social media presence, the increased interest in wine and wine tourism, especially within the U.S. and Asian countries, has lead Michelin to the natural progression of purchasing the Robert Parker Wine Advocate.

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