Millennials account for 30% of weekly wine drinkers

Millennials account for 30% of weekly wine drinkers. That number, included in an editorial over at Wine Industry Advisor (How Millennials Are Changing The Wine Industry) caught me off guard.

There’s a lot of talk about millennials (those born 1976-2004) and their impact on the wine industry — especially in relation to that of craft beer — and many lament that younger consumers are moving away from wine. But that figure (almost one-third!) seems, to me at least, to be quite significant, and to counter that assertion. Most reports peg baby-boomers as having the most influence on wine sales. Makes sense. They have disposable income. And presumably a tradition of wine. That tradition it would seem is under attack as tastes broaden in recent years. Cocktail and craft beer makers have successfully arm wrestled for increased shelf space in stores.