One Naked Night in Mavericks

Mavericks Gentlemen’s Club has been my neighbour since I moved to the east side of Cape Town many moons ago. I’ve never had the urge to visit the place but could see (and hear) that their clientèle were pretty stoked with the services, judging by the number of family vehicles, with “baby on board stickers”, parked outside.

Over the years, I’ve met several of the Mavericks dancers in the slowest elevator in the building I live in. The ladies have always made me feel like a real Aspoestertjie. Gorgeous blonds with tiny minis or one size too small hot pants greeted me on a regular basis in the lobby. Admittedly, there were occasions, I must confess, that I was curious to know what (or who) goes down at Mavericks.

In 2013, I stumbled upon my neighbour on Twitter and decided to welcome them to Twitterverse. The tea at Mavericks probably thought that I was trying to work my way in as an employee, at first, when they saw my twitter name but soon realised I’m all about wine, you know?! After following their tweets, I was surprised by the fact that it was actually quite kosher apart from a few suggestive photos of some of my “lobby friends” bits. But one tweet that really caught my eye, was the Sushi Extravaganza, which involved Cape Town’s best sushi served on the most delightful (and most naked!) ladies! Say what?!

For R190 (at the time) you can enjoy as much sushi as you like, admire the boobs of an enticing babe and dump your sashimi in the dip, located by the lady’s crouch. Very erotic indeed but, not as appealing for a straight girl like me…Nevertheless, I decided to accept the invite from my neighbour and off I went to experience one night of nakedness at Mavericks.

For my virgin visit to a strip club, I must just say, the interior of Mavericks is bang hot stylish. Like honestly! It’s probably the best-looking club in Cape Town, in my opinion, and that excludes the dancers. We were warmly welcomed at the door by the manager, who escorted us to the Xtravaganza VIP Bar where the action went down.  The entrance fee to this part of the club is normally R400, which makes the Naked Sushi a bargain if you think about it.

The Xtravaganze VIP Bar. Lap Dances starts at R1000 for 10 minutes

The lady of the evening was Francesca, a pretty brunette, originally from a small town in White Russia. Wearing only a back G-string, killer heals and two nipple cap shells, Francesca laid stretched out on the VIP bar, while chef Gino piled layers of sushi onto the big green leaves that were pasted to her body. Hungry diners gathered around her and eagerly dipped their sushi in the mayonnaise, positioned by her toochie. She interacted with the guests and happily recommended her favourite pieces.  There was quite a variety to choose from. Little prawn boats on her thighs, sushi rolls on her stomach and a whole lot of salmon sashimi, shaped like a necklace, covered her chest. For the not so brave or slightly shy, there were platters of salmon roses and deep-fried prawn tempura rolls on the other side of the counter.

The lovely Francesca and Chef Gino

The sushi was really, really good. I can’t remember when last I tasted such fresh and well-made sushi and Chef Gino deserves a big up! I like the fact that there was an extensive variety to choose from and they weren’t shy on the salmon roses and sashimi. There was more than enough of everything. Top class sushi, that’s for sure!

I enjoyed a few pieces of sashimi from Francesca chest while we chatted about her favourite wine, her innocent background and her nipple caps. She was entertaining and easy-going (no pun intended).

After a few glasses of wine and a couple of tequila shots, I felt completely relaxed. The topless dancers in the background and reflecting mirrors did not really faze me and it felt as if I was part of a scene in a Hollywood movie (without Demi Moore).

The club manager took us on a tour during the evening and showed us the different levels of the club which consist mainly of lap dance booths. What surprised me was the prices. R300 for a 6-minute lap dance – no touching and R1000 for a 15-minute VIP Fantasy dance -some touching. Access to the Library is R1000 upfront and a whopping R5000 for a 15-minute lap dance. You can of cause opt to stay in the booth a little longer than the stipulated time but for this, you’ll be charged by the minute. Suck me dry I say!! Hard to believe that some men are that desperate to see some action but whatever floats your boat hey…

15 Minutes with one of these babes will cost you R5000!

To my own surprise, I had an extremely enjoyable evening. Not once did I feel unconformable or weird about the whole vibe. Mavericks is a real upmarket joint and the ladies are definitely pushing big bucks which probably comes from the education fund of the horny guys’ toddler. Nevertheless, it’s a booming business and if you are willing to pay your way to get what you want or need, why the hell not.

Will I recommend people, especially ladies, to go and try the naked sushi? Yes! Will I go again? Yes, but only for some Nantaimori, because I’ve done the Nyotaimori already.

*Editors Notes

My neighbour dropped me a mail the other day to inform me that some of the prices are incorrect.

  • It’s R300 for a 2 song table dance or lap dance. Each table dance is only for four people at a time.  Additional persons are charged at R50.00 each. 
  • VIP dance for 15 minutes for R750
  • R1000 for a 15-minute private fantasy lap dance.
  • Access to the Library is R1000 upfront and a whopping R2500 (not R5000) for 30 minutes (not 15 minutes) for an exclusive fantasy lap dance.
  • Unfortunately one can not opt to stay in the booth a little longer than the stipulated time and they don’t charge by the minute.

Pretty sure the Gentlemen won’t be complaining….