Packaging Spotlight: French Rabbit Wine

With Easter around the corner we found it fit to look at some wine packaging that represents this holiday. 

French vineyards are abundant with these furry four-legged friends. The rabbits on the packaging represent French Rabbit’s drive to produce premium quality wines in environmentally friendly ways.

The winery is committed to the environment at every stage of the life-cycle of theirwines, starting from design and purchasing to the transport, consumption and disposal. They are also in a partnership with American Forests to help replant trees in areas damaged by disease, logging or natural disasters. For every 4 French rabbit wines sold, one tree is planted.

This revolutionary packaging weighs just 4% of the total product weight, compared to about 30% for an ordinary glass bottle.  Even an eggshell weighs 7% of the total weight of an egg – making French rabbit’s packaging more efficient! This translates into huge savings in fuel and emissions as it’s transported from the winery to your town.  This nature friendly container is made of 70% paperboard – a renewable resource from sustainably-managed forests.  It’s lightweight, compact and recyclable, and when empty, the flattened carton takes up less space in your recycling bin.