Packaging Spotlight: Icon Hill

London architect Zaha Hadid has designed a curvaceous wine bottle for Austrian winemaker Leo Hillinger.

Zaha Hadid created the limited-edition design for Leo Hillinger’s Icon Hill 2009 vintage red wine, of which 999 bottles were made.

One side has a concave indentation with the same curve as the back of the bottle so a row of them can interlock. A dimple in the base allows sediment to gather and provides a thumb hold for pouring.

“The elongated volume of the bottle has been derived from the profile of liquid droplets,” said Hadid. “A continuous spatial curve was then projected onto the bottle’s surface, defining areas for the concave indentation and suggesting the waves created when droplets break a liquid’s surface.”

The shape was created using NURB-based software, then the glassware was formed in cast-iron moulds.

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