Packaging Spotlight: The Roller Derby Collection

Studio Lost & Found helped Tash, a passionate fortified winemaker from Margaret River, develop the brand strategy and visual identity for her holding company Arthur Wines, and have recently had a blast working on the packaging for her first range of products called The Roller Derby Collection, which features a red fortified wine called Ruby Slipper, and a white fortified wine called Glass Slipper.

Tash’s mission is to raise the profile of fortified wines, and reposition these magical beverages for a new generation of wine enthusiasts. Featuring Dorothy Gale and Cinderella illustrated with a roller derby twist, her product packaging is sure to stand out amongst the ultra-conservative packaging that is common in the category.

The product is packaged in premium French glass with authentic Portuguese stopper corks. The labels were printed four-colour process on Fasson Estate 8 uncoated vellum paper, with a clear high-build silkscreen varnish.