Pink beer officially becomes a thing!

Pink beer is nothing new, but this summer, rosé beer has officially become a thing — and hibiscus petals a new star ingredient — as brewers across the country put out light ales and lagers colored by additions of the flame-red flower petals and such fruits as cherries, cranberries, berries and grapes.

Beers have been various shades of pink before. I recall Farmer’s Daughter, from Marin Brewing Co., as a rich and fruity cherry beer, slightly sour and pinkish, first made at least several years ago. And Lambic beers made with raspberries have a pink glow about them, as do beers made with pomegranate, cranberry and blood orange. It seems, also, that I’ve seen hibiscus in beers for years (though I can’t say I’ve tasted it).

But now that pink beers have been given a title borrowed from the wine industry, beer writers have recognized them as a veritable trend. Rosé wines, of Provencal nostalgia for many who have visited France, have been hot among American wine drinkers for several years, and it seems pink beers are riding the same wave. Like rosé wines, rosé beers have been touted as an ideal beverage for warm weather, and in the balmy days of our Indian summer, we have options to choose from.