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The Hennessy X.o 2018 Limited Edition By Marc Newson

SPONSORED CONTENT: Created by Maurice Hennessy in 1870 for his circle of friends, Hennessy X.O was the first Cognac classified as X.O, because of its extended aging process.


Ridley Scott Returns To Advertising For Hennessy Cognac Series

Moet Hennessy has secured the services of Ridley Scott for a world-wide series of adverts for its Hennessy Cognac brand.


Visit To Cognac, France With Hennessy

Iconic. Legendary. Exceptional. Join Pursuitist on our video journey as we take you inside Cognac, France, with Hennessy. As a guest of the renowned 250 year old spirits brand, we were invited to v…


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Hennessy’s Strategy To Lure Cognac Drinkers Back To The Table

Hennessy shared their plan with Jing Daily, which involved establishing their brand in the south, then gaining more of a share in the greater Shanghai region, and then moving on to northern cities lik


How One Small Policy Tweak Helped Open Hennessy Floodgates In N.h.

Item No. 4 on the agenda seemed routine, even dull: final approval of ?Cash Control and Security 2-11 Large Volume Sales Policy Revision.? But within


Hennessy Is Anything But Old-fashioned

The classic cognac brand is mixing things up


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Each Drop Of Hennessy X.o Is An Odyssey

X.O is an experience of greatness that awakens the senses through the gentle curve of its bottle, as well as with its rich texture and irrefutable refinement.


Hennessy Pays Homage To Givers

this project is really about paying homage to people who are pushing the boundaries beyond their creativity, and in this ...

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