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Is Rum The New Hipster Drink

Aged, flavoured and infused with in-house blends, bars and restaurants are serving rum cocktails in innovative ways.Mixologists predict the dawn of rum signalling the end of gin in hipster glory


The Ultimate Home Bar In 20 Bottles

Members of the Minneapolis?St. Paul chapter of the U.S. Bartenders? Guild suggest essential bottles across three tiers for the ultimate home bar.


Amazon Has The Capacity To Be A Standalone Economy

Amazon has become perhaps the most dominant company in the world. And for good reason; they?ve infiltrated every facet of life... Amazon is ever-expanding. And they?re finding new ways to please the e


Retire Your Rum & Coke: 6 Bottles Of Rum Meant To Be Sipped, Neat

These six bottles of rum are great in a daiquiri or dark and stormy, sure. But they're best sipped neat.


Friday Is National Rum Day

Here's how to celebrate!


Zacapa Targets Theatrical Serves In On-trade

Ron Zacapa has targeted theatrical drinking occasions to grow its presence in the on-trade through its recent partnership with Zuma.


Zacapa & Zuma Introduce The Ritual Serves

Luxury Guatemalan rum, Ron Zacapa, has unveiled the Zacapa-Zuma Ritual Serves ? a selection of two theatrical cocktails available exclusively at Zuma, the Japanese restaurant and bar in Knightsb


Dishing On Dan’s Taste Of Summer Weekend 2019

Dan’s Taste of Summer Weekend was the place to be as thousands of guests enjoyed two unforgettable sell-out nights on the beautiful Fairview Farm at Mecox.


A Handful Of Rising Brands Gain Traction At Rum?s High End

While categories like Tequila and whisk(e)y have been premiumizing rapidly over the past few years, rum marketers have had a more difficult time trading consumers up. Still, there are encouraging pock


Why Rum Is The Most Misunderstood Spirit, And Why The Words “dark Rum” Are Meaningless

Terms like "dark rum" and "black rum" have no legal definition in the U.S.