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Bourbon And Scotch Makers Find A Common Enemy In Tariffs

(Bloomberg Markets) -- Ask Aaron Willett what the future of bourbon looks like, and he?ll take you out onto the floor of Speyside Cooperage?s outpost in Shepherdsville, Ky. There, on a recent winter d


Bourbon And Scotch Makers Find A Common Enemy In Tariffs

Weaponized trade is rattling the global whiskey business.


Will 2020 See Campari Group Back On The M&a Hunt?

The time could be ripe for Campari Group to make another major acquisition, with the company able to call on a possible war chest of up to EUR4bn (US$4.4bn), according to a recent client note.


Kentucky Distillers’ Association Names New Board Officers, Directors – Lane Report


Brands Report 2020: American Whiskey

With the proliferation of distilleries continent-wide, North American whiskey is no longer the sole domain of its heartlands Kentucky and...


You?re Paying Too Much For Bourbon, And This Instagram Account Proves It

Whether you want to know the going price for a bottle of Pappy 15 or Wild Turkey 101, this is the Instagram account to follow for the price-conscious bourbon nerd.


We Asked 12 Bartenders: What’s The Most Underrated Bourbon?

VinePair asked bartenders around the nation: What?s the most underrated Bourbon? Here are the most underrated Bourbon whiskies according to experts!


Matthew Mcconaughey Knows Exactly How He Likes His Bourbon

As creative director of Wild Turkey, actor Matthew McConaughey develops marketing and branding for the Kentucky Bourbon.


10 Things You Should Know About Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey's roots trace to the 1850s, but the bourbon didn't take flight until a century later. Here's everything you need to know about Wild Turkey.


Matthew Mcconaughey Offers Stay In Wild Turkey Cabin

Wild Turkey Bourbon is offering Australia-based fans the chance to stay in an eco-friendly cabin designed by brand partner Matthew McConaughey