The 2015 Reef Vintners’ Surf Classic Goes Down in Maxing Stilbaai Conditions

The 16th annual Reef Vintners’ Surf Classic was completed on Friday 14th August, with the surfing winemakers facing down big surf at Stilbaai point. A large field of 50 competitors were in for some tough conditions as the swell grew and grew with the rising tide, and Stilbaai’s notorious rip drained energies.

 In keeping with tradition, it was again a day of great fun, high spirits and jovial camaraderie, with winemakers and their families and friends cheering as long rides scored points – and groaning as they watched big wipe-outs and saw leashes snapped and boards breaking.

 The winners on the day showed great tenacity and congratulations go to Chris Boustred (Juniors), Nicky de Villiers (Masters), Mickey Lindsay (Veterans) and Trizanne Barnard (Ladies).

 Miles Mossop of Tokara winery and a few friends started this long-running and beloved event, simply as a weekend away for a small group of winemaking surfers – an informal surfing competition combined with some rather serious wine appreciation. After 16 years, it’s more popular than ever, with fantastic sponsors and a great team of dedicated judges helping raise the bar.


As part of the event, each participant donates six bottles of wine and these are blended to create the Big Red Blend. A few years ago, the ‘Surf for Life’ charity was started by Jeremy Walker (Grangehurst) and sales of Big Red raised R63 000, helping a number of cancer victims cover costs of treatment and more.

 The project has gone semi-commercial and Christo Le Riche (Le Riche Wines) has been responsible for the blending of the wines for the past three years. To sustain the trust the next bottling will be 800 magnums, with an end goal of 4 000. Each of the 23 winemakers involved contribute 50 litres of wine and, adding to the trust’s beneficiaries, they also teach underprivileged children to swim and surf.

1. Chris Boustred – Remhoogte
2. Christo Le Riche – Le Riche
3. Alex Starey – Keermont
4. Hendri Burger – Cape Point Vineyards

1. Nicky de Villiers – Durbanville Hills
2. Francois Hanekom – Winelands Estate Management
3. Pieter Walser – Blank Bottle
4. Duncan Savage – Cape Point Vineyards

1. Mickey Lindsay – Nixon
2. Gary van Wyk – Tkana
3. Johan Reyneke – Reyneke
4. Steve Pike – Wavescape

1. Trizanne Barnard – Trizanne Signature
2. Julia Blaine – Blank Bottle
3. Tanya Weyers – Bos Iced Tea

Thanks to Sponsors:
RR Wine Technologies
Thales Wine Services
Bos Iced Tea
Estate Mobile Bottling
Consol Glass
Hallmark Press
Sun Media
Country Digital
Cool Dandy
Scarfini Fins
JF Hillebrand
Best Tile Company

Thanks to contributions:
Thys Lombard photography and Social Media
Hassequa Municipality – hospitality
United Church of Stilbaai – catering
Pieter Walser for label design of Big Red
Judges of the event – Penny, Shane, Rene, Peter, Hannes