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Saving our planet small steps at a time through conscious living

We all see the shocking images on the news almost every day – beaches covered in garbage, coral reefs already wiped out or dying, seabirds choked by plastic drinks rings, and many other disturbing examples of how humankind’s reckless overconsumption is steadily destroying our natural world.

Previously on this blog, we have shared tips on how you can tread more lightly and help lessen the scourge of pollution by making sustainable everyday choices (revisit them here), but the global drive towards environmental sustainability is a rapidly growing field of interest, so keeping informed and educated with the latest developments is critical.

We’ve searched the web for the most influential and up-to-date blogs on environmental issues and sustainable living, to help you take the small but significant steps that are required from us all to help save our planet.

  1. Grist

This is a popular blog site for all the news you need to know on climate and the environment. Grist packs in its website a large number of environmental articles from different authors and research information with an emphasis on finding solutions to the problems the environment faces.

Visit site: Grist

  1. Treehugger

TreeHugger is one of the best-known mainstream media sources dedicated to driving sustainability. This is a blog striving to be a one-stop shop for all news about sustainability issues. Good for a read on the various matters involving sustainable living and green initiatives.

Visit site: Treehugger

  1. Seeker: Earth

This blog caters for those who are looking for to-the-point, scientifically-oriented articles written by an expert in environmental science. It offers countless topics with regards to environmental conservation and adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Visit site: Seeker

  1. BBC: Earth blog

Built to capture the imagination, this blog site creatively and clearly describes itself as a place to get “Short stories about your earth.” The mission of this visually appealing and informative blog is straightforward and that is to get its readers in touch with the wonder of the natural world.

Visit site: BBC Earth Blog

  1. The Zero-Waste Chef

This insightful blog’s slogan reads: No packaging. Nothing processed. No waste. It is a lifestyle blog focusing on providing the reader with info on how to be the most environmentally conservative cook. With articles like how to dry tomatoes on the sun, the site seeks to provide a platform for exposure and learning on how to cook, without leaving a trace of waste behind.

Visit site: The Zero-Waste Chef

  1. Green Biz

This website combines the topics of business, technology and sustainability, which makes it one of the best environmental business blogs. It touches on political aspects as well, presenting to the reader information about new legislation and businesses practices that could have an impact on the environment.

Visit site: Green Biz

  1. Eco Atlas Ethical Directory

SA’s very own Eco Atlas Ethical Directory touches on a wide range of current environmental issues, from reducing your use of nappies, how to save water, and tips for running an eco-efficient home. Filled with interesting real-life stories and tips.

Visit site: Eco Atlas Ethical Directory