Sip on Backsberg`s Centenary Wine Selection

This year Backsberg Estate Cellars proudly celebrates 100 years of existence and it wasn’t an easy ride as a few of us learnt from the speeches given at the recently held Centenary lunch! Started in 1916 by Charles Back, a penniless Lithuanian immigrant, the farm initially grew grain and fruit and it was only later that wine production became the main focus and eventually taking over the fruit production. It was, in fact Backsberg that pioneered the art of viticulture in the region and in 1976 the charismatic Sydney Back, then owner of Backsberg, was the first in South Africa to import grow and sell Chardonnay grapes and wine.

Today, a hundred years on, Backsberg remains a formidable winery which never sits still and continues to receive accolades for both its wines and the people who run it. The farm is now co owned by father Michael Back and his son Simon, who joined the team in 2008 after finishing his business degree. Michael now looks after environmental matters while Simon manages the business.