South African Actor Launches His Own Wine Channel On Youtube

TV presenter and actor Thapelo Mokoena has launched a new wine channel on YouTube called Nero TV.

Famous for hosting the first season of Fear Factor South Africa, the star is taking his passion for wine to greater heights with the channel which is aimed at opening up audiences to the world of wine.

Nero TV will see wine lovers have conversations about all things wine and educate South Africans about some of the best wines available locally. Viewers will also learn more about Thapelo’s journey as a winemaker and his own brand, Nero.

Speaking on the channel, Thapelo shared in part, “The world of wine can come across as very daunting for most people, and working with the Bosman Winery to produce Nero wines has taught me so much about the industry and this inspired the ideas to create a platform that educates and shares some of the knowledge I have picked up along the way.”

He added, “One can look forward to digital wine tastings, food pairings, wine reviews, wine eventing, wine myth-busting, distribution and so much more! Nero-TV will also introduce you to the benefits of being a member of the Nero Club, which offers endless specials to its loyal customer base, all the way to getting wine delivered to your doorstep.”

In 2018, Mokoena collaborated with Bosman Family Vineyards in Wellington in a venture that celebrates progress and transformation.

‘The synergy is clear. Both of us and our families are passionate about our roots. We both strive to live healthy, productive lives and make a constructive impact on our wider communities. But we also appreciate art and beauty and culture, and their importance in enhancing our lives and the lives of others,’ Bosman says of the collaboration with Mokoena.

A first for South Africa, Nero is made from a red grape that originates in Sicily. Bosman discovered the varietal on a trip there in 2004, and picked this destination because it has a similar climate to that of Wellington – he was in search of a grape that could naturally withstand heat and drought. After numerous challenges, the varietal was brought to Wellington, planted it in the family vineyard, and this year, the wine from its first harvest was released.