Steaming Hot Tea Trends

Around 159 million Americans drink tea every day and this number is predicted to rise. The Tea Association of the USA, for instance, found that premium tea bag sales grew by 18% in 2020 alone, fueled in no small part by a growing interest in stress-relieving beverages. Tea is also the buzzword in the health food sector because it is part of the growing plant-based movement. If you love nothing more than the fragrant aroma of steam rising from your tea kettle, make sure you stay on top of your game by sipping on the following trends.

Delving into International Teas

The popularity of premium teas has inspired many to go beyond teabags in order to enjoy premium international loose-leaf teas from countries as far off as Burma, Indonesia, and Kenya. Drinkers are signing up to a tea club, researching online into the different flavors and intensities of tea, and making tea a part of a homemade gourmet international meal. Just a few teas at the top of their game include black teas in all their varieties, moringa, matcha, sencha, and mizudashi. Many of these have known antioxidant properties, with moringa, for instance, known to stabilize blood sugar levels.

Cold Brewed Teas in the Summer

Many parts of the world may be commencing their winter season but in Australia, tea lovers are waking up with a strong cold brew—perfect to boost alertness and enhance their work performance. Cold brews have shot up in popularity owing in no small part to the growing interest in fizz- and sugar-free drinks that are refreshing and that contain a strong enough amount of caffeine to awaken even those who have stayed up ‘til late the previous night. While cold brews usually have just two ingredients—strong, green (or black) tea and cold water—flavor hounds are jazzing it up with ingredients like coconut milk, tonic water, and lemonade. For something a little different try blends of green tea, raspberries, and blue pea flowers. The liquid bears a cool blue hue and is immensely refreshing.

Teas with Adaptogens

Todd Lamb, the founder of PureLifeOrganics, sees functional teas (which have benefits for the body and mind) as one of the biggest current trends. Particularly interesting are those containing adaptogens and spices that reduce stress and inflammation, improve immunity, and provide digestive support. Top ingredients to look out for if you are on a health kick include turmeric, acacia, ashwagandha, and mushroom-based adaptogens such as king trumpet, cordyceps, lions mane, and miatake. Adaptogens are essentially any plant or herb that battles stress in a non-specific way and that brings the body back to homeostasis. When combined, each adaptogen builds on the therapeutic effect of others. Finally, all adaptogens are completely safe.

It’s an exciting time for tea drinkers, with health and wellness being arguably the strongest trend sweeping over the industry. From international teas to those with adaptogens, there is a wide array of choices for those wishing to sip on single teas or blends. Adaptogens are one trend health buffs should definitely try, as these ingredients battle physical and mental stress in powerful ways while also bringing equilibrium to the body.