Stock these 5 Fitch and Leedes mixers for quick and easy cocktails

A well-stocked home bar isn’t just about the booze. Mixers add flavour, sweetness, and effervescence to drinks and are actually essential ingredients in classic cocktails.

Fitch & Leedes, the superb range of authentic mixers of unmatched quality, harking back to a less hurried time when only the best would do, can now be found in an elegant new glass bottle. They won’t cost you a fortune and something you can offer to someone who chooses to go the non-alcoholic drink route.

Crafted in small batches with pristine quadruple filtered water for the utmost purity to meet the highest standards in terms of quality and taste, Fitch & Leedes is the ultimate in mixers. Delicately carbonated, finely balanced and infused with the world’s finest flavours, it’s what consumers would expect at a fine 5-star establishment.

Fitch & Leedes comes in five timeless classics:

  • Club Soda
  • Indian Tonic
  • Ginger Ale
  • Bitter Lemon
  • Lemonade

(Indian Tonic and Ginger Ale also available in Lite alternatives)

With these guys around, I just need to add some booze to make simple but delicious drinks!

Tonic Water Cocktails

The most popular use for Fitch & Leedes Indian Tonic  is in a gin and tonic or mixed with vodka. High-quality tonic waters, such as this one from Fitch & Leedes contain natural sweeteners instead of high fructose corn syrup. The Lite Indian Tonic contains no sugar at all. Because of the quinine content, drinks made with Fitch & Leedes Indian Tonic will actually glow under ultraviolet light!

gin tonic Stock these 5 Fitch and Leedes mixers for quick and easy cocktails

Club Soda Cocktails

Fitch & Leedes Club Soda is just plain carbonated water with some minerals and it’s basically flavourless. It helps to dilute cocktails, adds effervescence, and draws out and mellows the stronger-flavoured ingredients and booze in a drink. It’s great to have on hand when your drink seems just a tad too strong and you need to lighten it up a bit.

club soda Stock these 5 Fitch and Leedes mixers for quick and easy cocktails

Ginger Ale Cocktails

Because it is sweet and strongly flavoured, Fitch & Leedes Ginger Ale works well in simple cocktails like a Dark ‘n’ Stormy or a Moscow Mule, where you just need to mix it with one base liquor.

m mule 001 300x225 Stock these 5 Fitch and Leedes mixers for quick and easy cocktails

Fitch & Leedes can be found at leading purveyors of fine beverages, boutique wine shops, selected deli’s, fine dining establishments and cocktail bars. The RSP is around R10 per 200ml glass bottle or R240 per case of 24.

The range is also available in elegant cans. For more information about the Fitch & Leedes range, contact Riekie Feenstra of Chill Beverages International (Pty) Ltd at Tel: (+27) 021 886 8842, Fax: 021 887 1005 or send an email to