The Best Glasses For Tequila

Fancy a tequila? Before you reach for a glass you need to decide how you enjoy your tequila and what style you want to drink. Do you drink it as a shot? Do you savor it slowly like a fine liqueur or do you like tequila on the rocks?

Beyond that, do you prefer a clear blanco, a pale reposado, an aged añejo, or a cask-finished tequila that has been infused with flavors and aromas from a barrel that previously held another liquid? Your choices will dictate what kind of glass you reach for and, by extension, how much you will enjoy your drink.

If your preference is a shot of young tequila, there are a number of different style of shot glasses available. Alternatively, if you want to savor the complex aromas of a tequila, you need a tulip-shaped glass that will concentrate the aromas. If your preference is for tequila over ice, an excellent choice for overproof, flavored tequilas (such as Astral or Tapatio) or a flavorful Cristalino, then a lowball glass or a single or double rocks glass will do the trick.

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