The Food And Drink Pairing Guide That You Really Need

Pairing food and drinks are not as easy as you might think. It does not matter if we are talking about an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink since it is all about sticking to a few general rules. When this is done properly, the flavours of the food and drink will create a paradise for your taste buds. When ordering a bottle for a group, Tempe Bottle Service recommends that you should order the right type of food.

Want to amaze your friends with your drink pairing skills? This simple guide will break down the basics, so you can show off your knowledge!

When speaking of pairing food with drinks, there are two helpful rules. When you know the basics, you will be able to work your way into creating a stunning drink and food combos. The first one states that the drink should contrast the flavour of the food. Salty and sweet, light and rich, you get it. The opposite flavours will complement each other. But this should be done within a limit because you don’t want for the stronger flavour to dominate.

The second rule is to choose a complimentary drink that has similar characteristics. For example, serve drinks that have one same ingredient as the food does. But keep in mind that you should avoid pairing bitter with bitter, as the results will not please your taste buds.

Where to start from? Acidic drinks have a refreshing note. This is the reason why they can balance creamy and rich foods. The fresh taste will create the proper balance that is needed. The acidity will make a good contrast with rich flavours. And that means that creamy dishes with dairy ingredients and seafood can be served with a pitcher of freshly made lemonade, cocktails with a citrus note, or a bottle of white wine.

Spicy foods are the thing that you should be careful with. Avoid pairing them with beverages that have a high alcohol content, as this can make the food taste even spicier than it really is. Instead, play with contrast and bring along sweet drinks. The combination of sweet drink and the savoury meal is a match made in heaven. These two opposite flavours will work a miracle!

Tip: When serving foods that are too spicy, make sure that you serve cold milk as well. Some people might not like the hot feeling on their tongue, so hand them a glass of milk. Does milk really help relieve the spiciness? Yes, it definitely does. The molecules that bring the hot taste dissolve in fats. The fatty content of the milk will remove the unpleasant feeling on top of the tongue.