The Gorilla Snot Cocktail

Looking for a cocktail to gross your friends out? Well, this might be your lucky day! Ever heard of Gorilla Snot? The good news is that it’s not made from real Gorilla snot. The bad news is it probably tastes worse.

During my online search I came across two variations of this oddly named drink. The first one was a mixture of green crème de menthe, Bailey’s, and Coke. The second one consisted out of lime cordial, southern comfort, lemonade and Bailey’s Irish Cream. The only consistent ingredient here is the Bailey’s, which must be the snot part I presume??


  • lime cordial
  • southern comfort
  • lemonade
  • Bailey’s Irish Cream


  1. Mix ingredients in a tumbler with your index finger.

Any case, if you still want to make the drink and waste some good booze, the final product should look something like this:

Not very appealing. I’ll give it a SPIT!