Three Ways You Can Make and Enjoy an Ice Cream Float

Your favourite ice cream soda, or what nowadays we call an ice cream float, is said to have been invented by Robert McCay Green back in 1874.

The story is a little controversial, with two versions to tell: the first implies that Green made his first batch of ice cream sodas when he ran out of the main ingredient for the sweet cream sodas he was selling at an exhibition in Philadelphia. With a long line of customers waiting and nowhere to buy sweet cream, Green decided to use ice cream as a substitute. Surprisingly, people loved this new concoction!

The other version is said to be a first-hand account, so seems more credible. According to the source, Green was trying to make his soda fountain stand out from the competition at the exhibition when he saw people enjoying their ice cream with a glass of plain water at a local confectionery shop. This prompted him to add a scoop of ice cream to 16 soda combinations and it became a hit.

Fast forward to the present, ice cream floats come in so many different combinations: all sorts of colours with all kinds of add-ons. Here are a few ways you can make your own delicious ice cream float to suit your mood or even the time of day.

1. Naturally Sweet and Fruity

 Three Ways You Can Make and Enjoy an Ice Cream Float

While most of us grab an ice cream float for a sugar rush, sometimes we just want to take the healthier route and go natural. During these rare times, you can get a bottle of plain seltzer, top with a fruit sorbet, like strawberry or lychee, then drizzle with homemade fruit syrup – also dead easy to make by simply boiling your fruit juice of choice.

2. Decadent and Caffeinated

coffee float Three Ways You Can Make and Enjoy an Ice Cream Float

On days when you want to boost up your energy level, substitute soda with coffee and top with a scoop of Cold Rock’s Death by Chocolate or Tubby Hubby from Ben & Jerry’s. There’s nothing better than cold coffee matched with rich, yummy ice cream. And it doesn’t matter what’s in your freezer anymore, as nowadays you can conveniently have your favourite ice cream flavour delivered to your doorstep.

3. Icy and Boozy

6 Boozy Floats Three Ways You Can Make and Enjoy an Ice Cream Float

Source: My Foodies via Facebook

Make happy hours happier with a boozy ice cream float. It’s not complicated at all. Simply add ice cream to your vodka, bourbon, sparkling wine or beer and you are all set to party! Caramel ice cream would taste great paired with bourbon, while your sparkling wine topped with peach sorbet is heaven on a steamy summer night. You could also try topping your vodka with coconut ice cream or your beer with a scoop of chocolate for a delightful surprise.

If you’ve been keeping your sodas and your ice creams separate all your life, now is the time to spice up your beverage – make a change! So fill up your freezer with tubs of ice cream and stock up fizzy drinks: you’ll definitely love the combinations!