The Most Extravagant Drinks in Las Vegas

Lots of people are eager to try the most extravagant drinks in Las Vegas. Even if they are not actually planning on going to Las Vegas, people might crave the glamour of the place and want to re-create some of it in the comfort of their own home. It is possible to do this with most of the extravagant drinks that are available in Las Vegas, as long as you’re willing to splash out on the ingredients.

The Classic Martini

martini The Most Extravagant Drinks in Las Vegas

When you think of the drinks of Las Vegas, a classic cocktail like the martini might pop up first. Although it’s a fairly mainstream drink these days, it’s still associated with Las Vegas glamour and of cause with Bond, yes that guy, James Bond.

The Warp Core Breach

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Some of the best drinks in Las Vegas have been inspired by pop culture. The Warp Core Breach is such drink. Based on a beverage served on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, it is made with fruit juices, Razzmatazz, and about ten ounces of liquor from nearly half a dozen flavored rum types. This is also a drink that looks best in a smoky Star Trek bowl-like structure and cost around $30.

Ménage a Trois

menage a trois   tryst The Most Extravagant Drinks in Las Vegas

On the other end of the spectrum, the single most expensive drink in Las Vegas is the Ménage a Trois. It will cost you around $3000, excludes the cocktail waitress’s tip. It is often ordered by high-rollers after hitting the jackpot.

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