The Must-Have Accessories for Those Just Starting to Appreciate Wine

Have you just recently started to appreciate the joys of collecting wine and sharing a glass with friends and family? Are you in the process of building your own wine collection and want to be sure you’re up on all the latest accessories that go along with your own curated collection? If you have answered yes to these questions then you’ll want to read on and check out this list of must-have wine accessories. While you may not need all of them, certainly a few of these will add to your new passion.

Wine Tasting Sleeves

One thing that is really fun to do with friends is to host a wine tasting event at your own house. You can supply the wine, or everyone can bring a bottle, and then enjoy tasting the different varieties.

Now in order to make it a little bit more fun and unique, you may want to pick up a few wine tasting sleeves, such as the ones available through This site sells bottle “socks” that are meant to be used in a blind tasting. Simply place the sock over the bottle and pour a tasting for your guests. Everyone will have a great time trying to guess what it is they are drinking.

Ice Bucket for Chilling Wine

If you plan on placing the wine out for your guests to help themselves then an ice bucket for keeping it chilled is ideal. Now, obviously, the ice bucket will only be needed for those vintages that are to be enjoyed at a chilled temperature, but these buckets can be used indoors and outdoors, making them versatile.

Vacuum Pump for Storing Wine

For those who have a hard time finishing a bottle of wine in one go and who want to be sure that it is sealed and stored properly then a vacuum pump stopper is the best way to go. This will keep the wine fresh and tasting good so that it doesn’t have to go to waste. A pump actually removes the oxygen in the bottle before sealing it, which is the ultimate way to keep the flavour.

A Wine Carafe

Now if you do plan on opening and finishing a bottle of wine all in one go, then a wine carafe is the ideal accessory to use. Not only will they hold the entire bottle of wine but they are able to aerate the wine, which allows for a better taste and flavour. They also look extremely elegant sitting out on a table.

A Wine Notebook

Finally, if you plan on trying out a number of different varieties, you may find it helpful to keep a wine notebook of your thoughts. This will allow you to go back and re-try wines that you really enjoyed, pick ones that will match up with your food and/or event, and avoid those you didn’t care for.

Each of these accessories will have you well on your way to becoming an official wine aficionado.