The World’s Most Expensive Beer

A bottle of limited edition Antarctic Nail Ale, created with melted Antarctic ice sold forĀ $800 (R5600) at an auction benefiting the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society– setting the new world record for the Most Expensive Beer Produced in Modern Times.

The World’s Most Expensive Beer, of which only 30 were bottled, was created at the Nail Brewing headquarters at Edith Cowan University in Perth with melted Antarctic ice that the anti-whaling org brought back with them from an earlier campaign.

“Over 90% of beer is water, so the Antarctic Nail Ale could possibly be the world’s oldest and purest beer,” brewer John Stallwood said.

Previously, the Guinness World Record for the most expensive beer was held by Scottish brewery BrewDogs, for their $765 high-alcohol beer, a 12-bottle run of 55% ABV beer, served in a bottle wrapped in roadkill – a choice between a taxidermied grey squirrel or stoat.