The Most Wanted Moscato in the World

In honor of International Moscato Day, we find out which wines you’ve been searching for so far this year.

If you had to pick the most popular style of fun, fizzy wine, you’d probably go for Prosecco, right? Well, you’d be wrong. Despite the disapproval of wine snobs everywhere, it’s another Italian wine that rules the roost.

Today is International Moscato Day, an occasion founded by Gallo to celebrate sweetish, semi-fizzy bottles of fun. To mark the occasion we investigated the popularity of this wine category in the Wine-Searcher universe. We were pretty surprised by the results, once we had sorted through the various other wine styles and the various grape varieties that associate themselves with the Muscat grape – or rather the Muscat family of grapes.

Firstly we looked at the number of keyword searches for Moscato and were rather shocked to see that the year-to-date figure of 273,261 was far in advance of that for Prosecco, which has only reached 128,615 keyword searches in the same period. Even if these figures seem small against the 1.4 million searches for Pinot Noir, they were surprisingly high for products that do not constitute obvious mainstays for wine collectors and other enthusiasts. Even as white wines they are rarely regarded as anything other than makeweight wines enjoyed by the masses.