This $4,000 Rolling Stones Tequila tastes like Scotch

What does a $4,000 bottle of tequila taste like?

A lot like a high-priced Scotch, as it turns out. MONEY staff and Ray Isle, executive wine editor of Food & Wine, sat down late last week to try a new offering from the world’s oldest tequila producer, Jose Cuervo. The tequila producer teamed up with the Rolling Stones to launch 250 Aniversario—The Rolling Stones Special Edition.

So what makes this new liquor worth $4,000? The process is part of the price tag. The tequila starts as 100% blue agave, hand-selected from a single estate. The heart of the agave plant, called the piña, undergoes a 72-hour long cooking process in a brick oven, and is then pressed once to extract all the liquid. The resulting liquid is then aged for at least three years in French and American oak barrels.

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