This Decanter Uses Sound Waves to Make Your Wine Taste Better

If you’re inspired by a pitch video on a crowdsourcing site, you send some money. It’s not an investment; you don’t get rich if the invention becomes a hit. But you do get some memento — a T-shirt or a discounted version of the invention once it’s manufactured — and the rosy glow of knowing that you helped bring a cool idea to life.

There’s only one problem: You have no way to know if the invention was actually any good. That’s where our crowdfunding reviews come in. We test the prototype, find out how much promise it has, and help you decide if the thing is worth funding or buying.

Today’s invention: The Sonic Decanter

The claim: With the help of a 15- or 20-minute ultrasonic session, this appliance will improve the taste of any bottle of wine you plan to drink for dinner. Using an iOS or Android app, you’ll be able to adjust the timing and keep track of what you’ve consumed by scanning a bar code.

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