The Color Of Kate Middleton’s Wedding Ring, This Cocktail Will Be The Drink Of Summer

Justyna Moscicka of The Beaumont Hotel in London creates a Royal Blue cocktail for ED.


Why You Should Toast The Royal Baby With British Sparkling Wine

Grab a bottle now so you're prepared to celebrate when the newest member of the royal family arrives.


Jose Cuervo Launches An All-You-Can-Drink Tequila Express Train In Mexico

ose Cuervo is apparently here to make all our dreams come true. The beloved tequila brand now has an all-you-can-drink train experience, so you can sip (or throw back shots, no judgement) to your heart’s content on a luxurious express ride from Guadalajara to Tequila, Mexico. So, yep. Must be heaven.


Drinking Tequila Could Help You Lose Weight

You don't have to tell us that margaritas are delicious—we already knew that. What we didn't know was that the tequila in said margaritas could help us lose weight.That's according to the American C


The Turkey And Wines To Grace Your Table This Thanksgiving

Our experts weigh in on what you should be eating and drinking on Thursday.


Woman Accuses Housecleaners Of Trashing Her Apartment, One Passing Out With Door Left Open

A Brooklyn woman claims two housecleaners are responsible for wrecking her apartment, stealing her keys, and getting drunk on her alcohol.


Aldi’s $17 Whisky Is The Best In The World

We'll drink to that.


The German Massacre Of Namibia’s Indigenous Tribes

The massacre of modern-day Namibia's indigenous Herero and Nama groups by German imperial troops more than a century ago is considered by some historians to be the first genocide of the 20th century.


20 Of The Tastiest, Fanciest And Most Bizarre Royal Wedding Souvenirs

Every Prince Harry and Meghan Markle item you never knew you wanted... until now


World’s priciest whisky bought by Chinese millionaire revealed to be fake

When Chinese millionaire, Zhang Wei, splashed out £7,600 on the world’s most expensive whisky shot in a Swiss bar, he boasted to his fans that it was the same age as his great, great grandmother would have been – 139 years old.

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