Malibu Rum Just Released A Watermelon Flavor That’s Basically A Passport To A Tropical Island

Happy hour, here we come! ?


Triple Sec, Cointreau, And Grand Marnier: Understanding The Differences Between These Orange Liqueurs

It's easy to confuse one for the other, so we're here to explain how they are similar and what makes them different.


Captain Morgan Has A Gingerbread-flavored Rum, So You Can Make A Spice-filled Cocktail

The cookie-inspired booze is back on shelves.


What Is Tonic Water, And What Makes It Different Than Seltzer Or Club Soda?

And where does the quinine come in?


9 Low-carb Cocktails You Can Drink On A Diet

Mmmmm, keto mojito. From Men's Health


17 Aperol Cocktails That Aren’t All Spritzes

How to use up a bottle even if you're done with spritzes for the season.Originally Appeared on Epicurious

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Pepsi Has A New Pineapple Flavor That Gives A Tropical Upgrade To The Cola

The only thing I'm drinking this summer. ?


Guy Offers A Drink To Girl At A Bar, Then Refuses To Pay For It

Guy sees girl from across the bar, guy offers to buy her a drink as an excuse to talk to her, girl orders four double shots of 1942 Don Julio Tequila. A 23-year-old guy posted on Reddit asking whethe


Malibu Rum Is Selling Gift Packs With Dole Pineapple Juice, So You’ll Always Be Able To Make A Cocktail

Name a more iconic duo. ??


Absolut Vodka Just Released 6 Ready-to-drink Cocktails, Including A Berry Vodkarita And Mango Mule

This is going to be a VERY boozy summer.

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