12 Great Bottles Of Bourbon, Rye, And Scotch To Buy Online Right Now

Inside but want something to sip? Order one of these bottles.


Malibu Rum Has A New Strawberry Flavor, So It’s Time To Make A Cocktail

It's like they read our minds, you know? ?


Dua Lipa. Doing Yoga. In Jeans. With An Aperol Spritz.

Singer Dua Lipa combined our two leisurely passions: yoga and alcohol.


Malibu Rum Just Launched Splash Coconut Beverages And My Body Has Never Been More Prepared For This Moment

This is how I'll be *pre-gaming* summer.

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Save On Calories And (lots Of) Pennies With This Sodastream Sparkling Water Maker Bundle—snag $18 Off Today

The SodaStream will help kick your soda craving to the curb once and for all.


New York’s Iconic Goodfellas Bar Saved At 11th Hour From Being Iced Forever.

The 189-year-old Neir's Tavern in Queens, which was prominently featured in the classic mob film Goodfellas, has been given a reprieve from an expected Sunday closing. The bar, which was depicted as t

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Wine Trends Of 2020: Here’s What To Drink Throughout The Year, According To Our Expert

Oenophiles should prepare to enjoy wine in cans, drink low ABV varieties, and sip merlot (it's having a renaissance!).


How To Not Embarrass Yourself At A Winery

Tasting wine isn?t about rules. That said, when you?re at a winery, you should really follow these 8 rules.

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Jose Cuervo Is Turning Agave Into Environmentally-friendly Straws

Millions of the new straws, which are 30 percent agave fiber-based bioplastics, will be rolled out next year.


The Best Places To Taste Wine And Get Cozy In Niagra

Winter is prime time for ice wine.

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