Tipplers in Mumbai stay off tequila over adulteration fears

Ayush Pradhan, a regular at a pub in Andheri, is missing the ‘kick’ tequila would deliver to his sessions there.

His love for the shots has had to take a backseat after the Malwani hooch tragedy that has claimed over a hundred lives so far.

And Pradhan is not alone. His friends in Parel have decided to avoid tequila for a few weeks. Across bars in the city, many are doing the same. The reason: since the liquor distilled from the Agave plant common in Mexico is usually in short supply in the city, much of it is sourced by bars and restaurants from the grey market. The fear is the liquor is spiked with hooch to increase quantity and reap profits.

“The genuine tequila from Mexico and Goa is rarely available in the bars and pubs here. What is sold here is mostly raw spirit with essence and colour,” Pradhan said.

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