Tips On Pairing Syrah With Steak

Most of us know that steak is the ideal foil for a bottle of good red but is there a best red wine for steak? 

As a general rule Syrah (Shiraz) pairs very well with grilled meats and wild game. Pairings to avoid include seafood dishes like sole, shrimp or lobster or extremely sour dishes like pork with sauerkraut.

Another important factor to keep in mind when pairing Syrah with steak is the cut of meat and the way you cook it. A Syrah works well with a prime rib-eye, complementing the pronounced beef flavour and marbling of the steak.

Sauces also make a difference. Syrah makes a fantastic beef demiglaze reduction and there’s no better description of the technique than this expertly-written recipe.  

Black pepper, however, is the key for balance. Too much pepper and the wine will seem overly tannic and alcoholic. Too little and you miss picking up the pepper in the wine. Taste the wine and adjust the sauce.

To play up the smokiness in the wine you can grill the steaks. 

Wine Suggestion

If you are looking for a fine Syrah from South Africa, look no further than the Survivor Wild Yeast Syrah 2017. The free-spirited wine brand, akin to the hardy character of the indigenous Nguni cow, has launched its first vintage at Carne in Cape Town in January 2019.

Survivor Wild Yeast Syrah landscape LR Tips On Pairing Syrah With Steak

“Mind, body and soul – this is how wine is really made without the use of commercial yeasts so that we can experience the true taste of terroir,” says winemaker Ben Snyman about this unbridled expression of Syrah.

Survivor takes its name from the tale of a fearless Nguni cow that jumped off an open bakkie while being transported from one Swartland farm to another, landing unscathed in the middle of a vineyard. A metaphor for brave choices, the story of the Nguni cow continues to inspire this intrepid wine range from Overhex Wines International.

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