Trans-Karoo from Boer and Brit

Glow in the Dark! Boer and Brit’s packaging for this specially crafted wine is as unique as the wine itself:

A limited release – only 1500 bottles of each – of the patriotic varietals – Pinotage and Chenin Blanc. These wines are crafted from fruit hand harvested from gnarled old bush vines in the Paardeberg and coaxed into the bottle by minimalist wine making techniques.

The Trans-Karoo was the name given to the daily express passenger train that ran from Cape Town to Johannesburg and on which one could view the vast expanses of the interior and all the towns which dotted the line. There were actually two Trans-Karoo’s running daily, one from the North and one from the South, and they’d pass each other in the middle the night. This great train route, was immortalized in South African culture in Herman Holtzhausen’s “treffer” Trans-Karoo – about he’s love who’s on the train home.

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