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Food Planning In The New Normal – How To Change For The Better

As the pandemic continues to ravage the world, people have realized that good health is more important than anything else. The new mindset has made them watchful about better and healthier eating habits in the new normal. There’s a lot of stress on food planning, right from the choice of foods to meal schedules and healthy cooking techniques. After all, you have to be careful about getting good nutrition without snacking on unhealthy stuff due to stress eating. At the same time, you need to ensure food safety as you get groceries home and cook food. Here are some food planning measures that can help you change for the better. 


Florida Condo For Sale Has Budweiser Cans Covering Walls, Ceilings

A listing for a condo in Florida is going viral after pictures were posted online showing off an unusual aspect of the decor -- the walls and ceilings of the home are covered in Budweiser beer cans.


Malibu Rum Takes A Classic Opm Song Then Gives It A Fresh Twist – Malaya Business Insight


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