Trevor Noah roasts Trump`s shameless lies about shady wine and steak ventures

Donald Trump used his victory speech for an infomercial to sell some Trump brand products while a Secret Service agent guarded the table of wine and steak.

“Donald Trump would make a great Jehovah’s Witness, wouldn’t he?” “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah joked Wednesday night. “‘Have you read about The Word? Here, take one. Take one. Eh, whatever. See you in hell. Whatever.’ Just to remind you, this is a speech for a Republican presidential candidate!”

Trump challenged the media to check his claims that he owned 100 percent of his Trump Winery and that it was the largest winery on the East Coast. Naturally, “The Daily Show” actually did check it out and discovered the disclaimer on the Trump Winery website which reads “not owned, managed or affiliated with Donald J. Trump.”

“What kind of balls does it take to dare the press to check something that is so untrue?” Noah asked correspondent Jordan Klepper.

“The kind of balls that get sworn in next January,” Klepper said with a twinge of disappointment in his voice.

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