Turning your empties into a wall garden

Conceived as part wine rack and part hydroponics, a hydroponic bottle wall garden sure catches the eye at Stella’s Bar and Restaurant in New York.

Architecture students Peter Gudonis and Carly Dean, recipients of a Cornell Council of the Arts Grant, in collaboration with Nicholas Cassab-Gheta, designed and installed the wall, which is conceptually derived from the students’s interest in urban agriculture and in architecture that incorporates green spaces, green roofs, growing facades, hydroponics, aeroponics and other productive technologies.

Using all locally sourced and recycled materials, the hydroponic bottle wall fuses furniture design with current innovative technologies associated with urban agriculture. The bottle garden offers a microcosmic view of the growing trend for incorporating agriculturally productive systems into urban areas and buildings as well as an aesthetically pleasing and gastronomically productive addition to a local student watering hole.

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