ULTRA Cellars from around the world

Wine cellars are synonymous with rich people with big houses. After all, it takes a fair bit of space if you want to store thousands of bottles of wine, and a fair bit of capital to ensure that the appropriate cooling system is installed.

Sometimes the wine you keep isn’t as cool as where you keep it. Most of us keep it on a wine rack next to the fridge. Not so cool, especially after you’ve seen these super extraordinary and utterly beautiful cellars from around the world.

The Cellar Soneva Gili – Maldives

Behind the garden you will find the gourmet cellar, which is quite unusual for a tropical resort. Here wine tastings and wine dinners are personally hosted by the Sommelier at the amazing, six metre driftwood TREE TRUNK TABLE with its own attached glass shelves.

The resort’s wine collection is stored in recessed, free-form alcoves all along the organic looking white plastered walls, and you can personally select which bottle you would like to try at dinner in one of the restaurants, or over a moonlit dinner on your own villa deck…

Harvey Sanchez’s Wine Cave – Sonoma, California

The compound, which rests on a mountain, is now home to a wine palace of the highest order. Its walls, lined with concrete, maintain the cave feeling while also giving off a sense of ultra wealth. This cellar comes complete with a tasting and dining room, as well as a lounge area where patrons are presumably encouraged to drink wine and light their cigars with flaming stacks of cash.

Veuve Clicquot Vertical Limit

Leave it up to Porsche Design to create what is clearly the most beautiful wine cellar in the world. Vertical Limit is a brushed stainless steel free standing wine cellar that includes 12 magnums of Veuve Clicquot Vintages chosen specifically by Veuve Clicquot’s Master Cellars. Each of the doors reveal the shelves of individually lit champagne bottles which are kept at a recommended temperature of 12 degrees. The price tag? $70 000 / R490 000

The Secret Cellar at Ultra

With Ultra Liquors you don’t need a luxurious cellar to enjoy their Secret Cellar wine range. For them it’s important to offer their customers something unique but they want it to remain a secret…Hence the Secret Cellar range. The origins of these wines are well-kept secrets but the value and supreme taste of these mysterious wines are priceless!

Thanks to Ultra Liquors you can now stock that dream cellar of your’s will plenty of wines at affordable prices.