Win The Trip Of A Lifetime To Make Gin In Australia With Four Pillars

Four Pillars? Australian [Gin] Open cocktail competition comes to Asia.


Who?s On Shift: Guest Bartenders In Asia This February

Find out who?s on shift where this month.


Get To Know: Bloody Mary

The history of a hangover staple.


Behind The Recipe: The Mohinga Martini Based On Myanmar’s National Breakfast Dish

Bangkok-based sustainability advocate Mark Lloyd shares the story behind his zero-waste Mohinga Martini, based on Myanmar’s breakfast staple.


The Bar Awards 2019 Kicks Off With Public Nominations For Bangkok

Celebrations ahead as The Bar Awards brings the most ambitious touring campaign yet to Asia.


Who’s On Shift: Guest Bartenders In Asia This February

Find out who’s on shift where this month.


Ueno-san: “just Treat Me Like A Normal Person – We All Bleed The Same Colour!”

Hidetsugu Ueno shares why he doesn’t consider himself a truly Japanese bartender, and what he really thinks about modern bartending.


How To Make Kombucha And Use It In Your Cocktails

The pros share tips on making your own and finding unique ways to incorporate it into your drinks program.


The Mexican Cure By Elijah Holland And Zander Boshoff

A funky, tequila and kombucha based cocktail with a SCOBY garnish.


No Abv Bitter Aperitif By Seedlip

Use this alcohol-free bitter aperitif in your low or no abv Negroni, Spritz, Americano and more.

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