What Happened To Nitro Pepsi? ‘stay Tuned,’ Says Pepsico

More than two and a half years after teasing the launch of Nitro Pepsi ? a cola carbonated with nitrogen instead of carbon dioxide creating a velvety, smooth texture ? PepsiCo says it is putting ?the


‘a Tremendous Year…’ Almond Breeze Now Generates More Than $800m In Annual Retail Sales, Says Blue Diamond Growers

Oatmilk has taken off like a rocket ship over the past couple of years. However, US retail sales of almondmilk - which accounts for two thirds of category sales ? grew a solid 16.9%* last year in meas

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Zico Founder Re-acquires Brand From Coca-cola Via Pe Firm: ‘the Cycle Has Swung Back’

Speaking at Expo West in 2015 two years after selling his coconut water brand to Coca-Cola, ZICO founder Mark Rampolla observed that his nine years running the business had been ?absolutely brutal.? S


Barley Protein Emerging As Attractive New Option In Plant Protein Toolbox, Says Ab Inbev-backed Upcycling Startup Evergrain

Barley proteins and fibers could make an attractive new addition to the food formulator?s toolbox in everything from bread and pasta to plant-based milks, says EverGrain, a new company backed by Anheu


Golden Ratio Takes Coffee In New Direction, Turns ‘water Into Gold’ With A Barely Roasted Bean

As a long-time coffee lover, Golden Ratio founder Clark Nowlin was unwilling to forgo the beverage indefinitely even though its acidity caused him digestive discomfort and the ?burnt and bitter taste


Covid-19 Fuels Interest In Personalized Nutrition And Products To Support Physical & Emotional Health

As consumers continue to navigate the pandemic?s threat to their physical and emotional health in the New Year, they increasingly will seek nutrition that is personalized, technologically enhanced, mo

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Coca-cola Restructures Global Operations Resulting In ‘voluntary And Involuntary Reductions In Employees’

Coca-Cola has announced several structural changes to streamline its global business including a consolidation of operating units, which will result in reallocation of some employees and resources, as


Sugary Drink Advertising Spend Increased 26% To Over $1bn In 2018 Vs 2013, New Report Shows

Beverage companies spent $1.04bn to advertise sugary drinks and energy drinks in 2018, a 26% increase compared to 2013, according to Sugary Drinks FACTS 2020, a new report from the Rudd Center for Foo

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Sweegen Starts Commercial Production Of Reb B Stevia Sweetener

Stevia specialist SweeGen has started commercial production of Reb B, a lesser-known and ?highly soluble? steviol glycoside (stevia sweetener) that it says works particularly well in beverages.


Tax On Sugary Drinks In Philadelphia Halves Purchases In The City In The First Year, Jama Study Finds

The amount of sugar- and artificially sweetened beverages sold in Philadelphia dropped by half during the first year in which the city?s controversial tax on the beverages was in effect, according to

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