Salut: Is Diversity The Long Game In British Columbia Wine?

Vancouver Sun wine expert Anthony Gismondi provides an update on where B.C?s red wines are heading in the diversity game.


Brews News: Woodstock Brewery Tour Has Tasty Twists

Cheese, chocolate, stout. Those three words are music to my ears after wandering the brewhouse and taking a seat at the bar at Brewed Exploration.The thirst-stirring monthly event is the brainchild?

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Cold Winter Shouldn’t Wreck Wine Crop

Local wine lovers can relax.Frigid temperatures in January that had wineries fearing a repeat of the 2014 bud-killing disaster didn?t do as much damage as expected.?It?s not going?


Cabernet Franc Growing Into Its Skin, Especially In B.c.

In B.C., we now have an impressive 221 hectares planted to Cabernet Franc, and those numbers are sure to rise. It is also finding its way into more and more icewine.


Anthony Gismondi: Shortages Are Looming, So Buy Your Holiday Wines Now

Drinking at home has its advantages, beginning with the cost. Our wine expert has some tasty wine suggestions that will still keep your holiday entertaining budget in check.


B.c. Wine Producers Poised To Make Wine That Matters

B.C. is sporting its strongest roster of winemakers I can remember, and that kind of experience and confidence is what is transforming our wines at a pace that is almost hard to comprehend.

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