Whiskey Spill In Kentucky Kills Thousands Of Fish

A fire at the Jim Beam warehouse spilled 45,000 barrels into the Kentucky River, killing thousands of fish. Learn more about the incident.


Saota’s Benguela Cove Design Takes Rooms With A View Seriously

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Take a look at a home where rooms with a view abound.


The Growing Wine Industry Is Threatening California’s Napa Valley

Napa Valley is under threat from the expansion of the wine industry. Local organizers are hoping to put limits on the clearing of oak trees for wine production.


A Wine Carrying Case That Transforms Into a Light Fixture or Even a Wall

RE-wine is a modular, multi-purpose wine carrying case by Taiwanese company Miniwiz, the design team behind such recycled PET products as the EcoArk and Polli-Brick.


The winemaker`s drum set

If you’re a drummer and a green enthusiast, you’ll love this awesome drum set that’s been built from repurposed wine barrels.

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