This $35,000 Scotch Has People Talking

In October, The Glenrothes Distillery made an announcement that it would be selling its oldest ever single malt Scotch whisky. Though the distillery has remained something of a connoisseur's buy, this


Jose Cuervo’s Doppeldrinker Lets You Opt Out Of Holiday Parties

The safest choice when it comes to traveling for the holidays is not to travel at all, according to the CDC. While that's certainly no fun, the clever folks at Jose Cuervo are trying to make the most


Budweiser’s Holiday Cans Feature An Adorable Surprise

This year's Budweiser's holiday cans feature an adorable surprise.


Costco’s Mini Patrón Variety Pack Has The Internet Buzzing

This year, the budget-friendly wholesale retailer Costco is selling a little something to help with the added holiday stress ? the company just released a variety pack of Patron tequila.


Reese Witherspoon’s Aperol Spritz Recipe Has An Unexpected Ingredient

What have you been doing since October 14, 2020? We've been ogling at Reese Witherspoon's Aperol spritz recipe, along with pretty much all the other rich and famous people in the entire world. It has


Dogfish Head Brewery’s New Oat Milk Beer Has People Talking

Oat milk beer might be among the most attention-grabbing headlines you've seen surrounding the trendy alternative milk. While there was a little excitement among the dairy-free community earlier this

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The Weird Way Guinness Is Using Its Extra Beer

One of the great food-related setbacks of the COVID-19 pandemic involves all the beer that went to waste when law-abiding bars closed down for a few months. The draft beer that would ordinarily have b


The New Pepsi Flavor Everyone’s Talking About

Half the fun of traveling is getting to try food and drinks that are way different from what we have at home. That's why everyone was pretty upset that Pepsi's new orange flavor soda was only availabl


How To Order The Starbucks’ Secret Firecracker Drink

Basically, secret menu items are so named because the baristas have often never heard of them. So how to you go about ordering this gorgeous and delicious firecracker drink at your local Starbucks?


Starbucks Happy Hour Is Back. Here’s What You Need To Know

Remember way back in the good old days of last winter, where you could walk into just about any Starbucks anywhere and, for a few magical hours each week, there's be a BOGO deal on some type of drink?

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