Rare Whisky Is Shaping As The Perfect Hedge In An Economic Downturn

Three bottles of whisky that had once sold for a world record price appeared at a Sotheby?s auction last Thursday evening, none of them getting near the current record, but all demonstrating that rare


Harvester Pulls Record Amount Of Drinking Water Out Of Thin Air

Clean water is all around us, and more literally than you might think ? it's floating around in the air most of the time. Of course, it?s not particularly drinkable in that form, but now researchers a


Folding disposable coffee cup has no need for plastic lids

The convenience plastic offers through single-use straws, water bottles and disposable coffee cups comes at no small cost to the environment, but we are growing more aware of the damage they cause. And with that awareness comes new eco-conscious products that can help us chip away at the problem. The Unocup is a simple yet clever example, using a paper folding design to give coffee drinkers a takeout option without the need for a plastic lid.


Swarm Of 105 Tiny Sprite Chipsats Successfully Deployed

If you thought SpaceX launching 60 Starlink satellites at once was impressive, Cornell University managed 105 small satellites. The ChipSats, called Sprites, forming a swarm of cracker-sized nanosatel


The Best Future-focused Sci-fi Film And Tv Coming In 2019

If you are a fan of weird futurist sci-fi then the next twelve months promise a huge array of amazing new film and television. Here are our picks for the most anticipated future visions of 2019, on bo


Coca-cola Mineral Water To Use Captured Carbon For Fizz

The soda industry is one place where you can bet there will be a massive demand for the CO2, and its about to get a little bit cleaner with Coca-Cola HBC signing a deal to use CO2 captured by Swiss st


Vostok Has The Space Beer, Now It Needs The Space Beer Bottle

With the heavens poised to open up to tourists, a beer is likely to be requested. In anticipation of that day, 4 Pines Brewing Company and Saber Astronautics have spent eight years developing a beer s

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