Maggie Beer Is Hosting Online Cooking Classes So She Truly Is A National Sweetie Pie

Maggie's videos are available on both Facebook and Instagram.


Kraken Rum Has Unleashed Premixed Bevs In Yr Local Grog Shop

You put the rum in the coconut and drink it all up.


Archie Rose Sold 4,500 Bottles Of Its Gin-infused Hand Sanitiser

That's the spirit.


Here Are Some Isolation Drinking Games To Play At Yr Virtual Party

Just because we're stuck in self-isolation doesn't mean you can't still have a party with your mates. Here are the best drinking games to play over Skype.

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Here’s A Daily-updated List Of All The Places Doing Takeaway & Meal Boxes

Take notes to take out and take 'em home.


Bundy Rum Ice Cream Is A Real Thing That Exists In Qld Right Now

You can have a little frozen nectar, as a treat.


Here Are Some Proper Ways To Drink Tequila You Basic Pack Of Savages

It’s safe to assume there’s at least one person in your group who drops a line similar to, “No tequila for me please, the last time I had tequila I ended up on a cruise ship with no less than seven warrants out for my arrest”.


How To Survive Christmas When You’re Severely Allergic To Carols

I'm dreaming of a quiet Christmas.


Holy Shit, Bundy Rum-flavoured Iced Coffee Is In Qld Now

Give. It. To. Me.


A Kath & Kim-inspired Chardy Party Is Headed To Sydney This Month

Go get tizzied up toot sweet, ploise.

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