‘iceberg Corridor’ Sparks Tourist Boom On Canada’s East Coast

At dusk, tourists marvel at the sensational collapse of an iceberg at the end of its long journey from Greenland to Canada's east coast, which now has a front row seat to the melting of the Arctic's i


Mystery Of Texture Of Guinness Beer: Inclination Angle Of A Pint Glass Is Key To Solution

A team of researchers from Osaka University and Kirin Holdings Company, Limited demonstrated that the texture formation in a pint glass of Guinness beer is induced by flow of a bubble-free fluid film

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Geology And Grapes A Winning Pair

About 150 years after grapes were first cultivated on a small strip of Pelee Island, vineyards now cover two-thirds of the island and have become its major agricultural enterprise.


Scientists Locate Parent Lightning Strokes Of Sprites

Thunderstorms can generate various forms of transient luminous events, such as red sprites, gigantic jets, and blue jets through the charge transfer involved in the lightning forged inside thunderclou

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A Beer That’s Truly Out Of This World

Aussies are brewing a new generation of beer. One that will boldly go where no beer has gone before, solving the age-old problem of how to get drunk in space.


Vineyard Biosecurity Project Looks To Next Stage After Trial

Finding a balance between maximizing the biosecurity benefit and the ease of use for vignerons will play a key role in determining the future of software to help keep pests and diseases out of vineyar


The science behind beer and food pairings

Beer isn’t just for nuts and pretzels anymore. You can now find the perfect brew to accompany your favourite food, whether it’s picnic fare or haute cuisine, according to one of the nation’s top brewmasters.


What makes Champagne bubbly?

Just in time for the holidays, scientists have unraveled some of the chemistry behind the diffusion of CO2 molecules in a glass of Champagne.


Corks seal a wine`s fate: aging under natural vs synthetic closures

Most foods are best as fresh as possible.


Too many drinks? New cellphone app may tell you so

A new federally funded cellphone app allows people who may have had one too many to get an idea just how drunk they areā€”and hail a ride home.

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