California Wine Companies Are Doing What Hasn’t Been Done In 20 Years: Go On The Stock Market

A major California winery hasn?t gone public in 20 years. But suddenly, two Bay Area...


Move Over, Aperol Spritz: Sunny, Breezy California Aperitifs Are The Chic Millennial’s New Drink Of Choice

We are living through an aperitif boom, and many of the best examples of this loosely...


Get To Know Lang & Reed, The Rare Napa Winery Focused On Cabernet Franc, With This Wintery $29 Bottle

The latest Wine of the Week from critic Esther Mobley is a subtle, floral Cabernet Franc from iconoclastic Napa Valley winery Lang & Reed.


The Most Overlooked Wine Stories Of 2020

Writing an end-of-year recap in 2020 is a strange exercise, because it feels like we?ve been recapping 2020 all year long. So instead of remembering the biggest wine stories of 2020, in this week?s ne


7 Festive California Sparkling Wines To Celebrate Making It Through 2020

For New Year?s Eve, sparkling wine is the only wine, and this New Year?s Eve, marking the end of a difficult year, is an even greater cause for celebration. Here are some of the best bubbles available


12 California Wines That Define 2020

These wines, which make up a case, are not only delicious ? they also tell the story of what happened with wine in 2020.


California Wineries Brace For Big Losses During Holiday Season After Looming Lockdown

Following news that wineries would likely have to close their tasting rooms at some point in December for at least three weeks, winery owners and executives were disappointed but understanding about h


Chardonnay To Red Silk: Winemakers Compete For Best Wines

MOUNT JACKSON, Va. (AP) ? When Randy Phillips began planting grapes in 2002 to sow a career crafting wine at Cave Ridge Vineyards, he said there were fewer than half a dozen other winemakers in the Sh

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How To Taste Through Easy Drinking Sauvignon Blanc In Napa And Sonoma

Come for the Cab (or Pinot, or Zin, or Chardonnay), stay for the Sauvignon Blanc.


Napa And Sonoma’s Top Seven Wineries For Riesling

Sure, you could grab the classic Pinot Noir, whose cherry, spice and earth notes complement a deeply savory turkey or roast.

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