We’ve Gotten It All Wrong About Lodi Wine

Before I moved to California, I didn?t know much about Lodi as a wine region ? and I honestly didn?t think there was much to know. Oh, how wrong I was.


Randall Grahm’s New Cigare Volant Wines Are More Approachable, More Youthful And Cheaper

The world?s most famous wine to be named after a UFO is in a state of flux.


The Farmer Who Protects Wine Country

When visiting tasting rooms in the Napa Valley, it?s often easy to overlook all the factors that have made the wine stand over the years. To Tom Gamble, owner of Gamble Family Vineyards, the many pres


The Young Natural Wine Mavericks Of Santa Cruz

Bound by a love of the Santa Cruz Mountains and a devotion to organic farming, these four have created a cooperative of sorts, sharing equipment, land and a very specific vision.


Georgian Wine On My Mind

Thanks to the flourishing natural wine movement, wine from the Republic of Georgia has been gaining traction throughout the U.S. This year the Bay Area has finally caught on.


The Fight To Keep Alive Charbono, Napa’s Nearly Extinct Heritage Grape

Most wine drinkers have never heard of Charbono, a forgotten relic of Napa Valley?s past. But now a movement has formed to ensure the grape has a future.


The Ahlgren Vineyard Was One Of The Santa Cruz Mountains’ Great Unheralded Wine Estates. What Happened To It?

I wanted to know what had happened to Ahlgren Vineyard. What I found in my quest for answers was the story of a family who took a chance late in their lives to pursue a pipe dream and would cause a ri


What ‘wine Country’ Gets Right (and Wrong) About Wine Tasting In Napa Valley

Our wine critic breaks down Amy Poehler?s new Netflix film from a wine point of view.


A Road Trip To California’s Two Most Remote Winery Icons

I?m still recovering from a busy long weekend at Pebble Beach Food & Wine, a four-day festival that has almost nothing to do with golf. My job was to lead a few wine seminars, and two of them cent


New To Kalon Lawsuit Asks Familiar Question: Is This Napa Valley Vineyard Too Important To Be Trademarked?

A new lawsuit against Constellation Brands revives the age-old conflicts of Napa Valley?s most hotly contested vineyard.

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