Back Home, Mr. Jagermeister Wins Minnesota Sprint Championship

His lone race at Canterbury Park this year makes him 7-for-9 on the track.


The Bjornson Vineyard Gets Its Start By Chance At The U Of Minnesota

The Carlson School of Management set the stage for a union beyond grapes.


Czech Budweiser Brewer Worries About Brexit Impact

The Budejovicky Budvar brewery in the Czech Republic managed to survive a decades-long trademark battle over whether it could call its beer Budweiser. But now it faces another potential threat: Brexit


Two Winemakers Fight On In Appellate Court Against Minnesota-grape Law

Alexis Bailly Vineyard and Next Chapter Winery are challenging Minnesota's "unusual and severe winemaking restriction" as a violation of the U.S. Constitution's interstate commerce clause.


Two Winemakers Fight On In Appellate Court Against State-grape-only Law

Two wine makers, who lost earlier in federal court, argued before a federal appeals court Thursday, that a state-grape-only law violates U.S. interstate-commerce law.


Think Of Wine As Seasonal

Think of this as the "shoulder" season when serving wine.


Police: Thief Steals Remy Martin Liquor Bottle Worth $4,000

Police are searching for a thief with expensive taste in Massachusetts.


Dan Aykroyd Talks About His Favorite Minnesotans, ‘snl’ And Why He’s Still Singing The Blues

Dan Aykroyd continues to sing the blues — and that's just the way he likes it.


Wine Of The Week: Concha Y Toro Serie Riberas Gran Reserva Malbec ’16

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For A Taste Of Olde England, Try Its Cider

The traditional beverage, made with pressed apples, comes from centuries-old orchards. Several brands are available in the Twin Cities and beyond.

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