Drinks To Avoid When You Go On A Date

More often than not, that first date involves a drink – so what exactly does your drink of choice say about you?

According to many dating and relationships experts, it says a lot. The drink you order can indicate to the person across the bar (or table) your personality and the attributes you’re looking for in a significant other. In a drink or in a relationship, knowing the elements that are perfect for you is key to stealth-dating for success. If you can go to the bartender and say ‘I’d like an extra dry dirty martini with citron vodka and three habanero-stuffed olives, shaken not stirred,’ you probably know the qualities and characteristics you are looking for in your Mr. Right.

The most important thing when on a date is to not try so hard. If your date orders wine and you hate wine, don’t order wine just to impress them. After all, you want them to like you for who you truly are.

But above all, whether you decide to order a beer, wine, or cocktail, it’s best to stick to a two-drink maximum. The point of the date isn’t to get too drunk – if anything, save that for another Saturday night out with the girls.

Let’s KAT to the chase! Read on to find out what drinks you should rather avoid next time you go on a date.


Likely the most controversial drink you can order on a date. Even if you love water and always only drink water, don’t order water as your only beverage on date number one. Why? It gives off the impression that you are cheap, unadventurous, and boring. Sad, but totally true. More importantly, it will make your date uncomfortable. Water makes you seem dismissive to the person across the table. Even if you don’t want an alcoholic beverage, order something – flavoured water, a blue cream soda, cranberry juice. Anything but water!


If you order a glass of bubbly at the bar, you’re likely sending mixed signals. There’s no getting around a celebratory feeling. You don’t just celebrate on special occasions; you toast to life 365 days a year. You do you girl (or boy)! Expect intelligence paired with a fun-loving demeanour from this lady. On the flip side, there’s a certain connotation with champagne. If you order it when you sit down for a simple cocktail, you’re sending a certain message. Bottom line: Save it for when the two of you have something to celebrate.


It’s an all-around sex bomb kind of drink for both men and women. A Scotch on the rocks indicates a strong and adventurous person who knows what they want. You’ll obviously get those who don’t appreciate your confidence.

Once again, you do you, honey!! Without the ability to love oneself, a person can never be happy. Words to live by…