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Insects vs Predator

We’re committed to environmentally considerate farming practices at Uitsig. To this end, we try to use natural forms of pest control, like this clever little contraption. Filled with hundred of insect eggs, these natural predators will help to keep our grapes healthy, naturally. Their main mission: to eradicate mealybugs – the pest responsible for spreading the leaf roll virus. This month, Jacques has released thousands of these good guys amongst the vineyard. Thanks to their short lifespan, and thanks to the fact that only males or females are released at one time (never both), population control is not a problem.

Evan in the Open Door.

image 2 What’s up at UitsigOpen Door’s new executive chef, Evan Coosner, is no stranger to the world of fine dining. Previously head chef at Myoga, he has also worked in 1 of only 3 Michelin star restaurants in Germany. After a year and a half spent consulting, Evan was enticed back to the kitchen by Open Door owner, Neil Grant. We caught up with him to welcome him, and interrogate him a little.

What are you most excited about in the next season at Open Door?

I’m excited for people to try our new outlook on food – we’re moving to fun food that delights the senses.

Your favourite Uitsig wine?

Constantia Uitsig’s Chardonnay Reserve 2014.

Your favourite Open Door dish?

Our new Southern-fried quail. It’s a high-end ode to my love of KFC.

What do you want for Christmas?

Being a good Jewish boy, I’m hoping my Christian friends will club together and buy me a boat. Failing that, I’ll settle for a Shin knife.

Introducing Constantia Uitsig’s just-launched MCC 2013.

With its sold-out predecessor having won a very prestigious double gold at the Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards, this vintage is sure to garner similar respect and admiration in the months to come.

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